Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 18: Your beliefs, modified

*I have decided to go ahead and delete the previous paragraph that some of you have already read.  I recieved some strong opinions about what I wrote regarding what I believe.  I must say,  I didn't mean to offend or judge anyone.  I'm truly sorry if I did.  Anyone who knows me, knows that that is not in my character.  I was simply listing what I, Meghan Harner, believe.  I wasn't looking for a debate or conversation, and I also wasn't expecting other people to leave their beliefs.  I was just writing my own.  This blog is a look into my life and what I think.  Everyone is different, and thinks differently.  That's the beautiful thing about life...we aren't the same.  So agree to disagree.  We are all adults.  You may not like what I write on here, and that's ok.  It's mine.  Read if you like, or don't.  But please take it for what it's my blog about what I think.*

I've known Steph since October 2010.  What is that, like, 4 months?  Boy oh boy, I feel as though we are those kinds of friends who really hit it off, and it seems a though we've known each other forever.  She moved here with her husband Luke from Indiana for a job.  They started coming to Bible study every week.  I remember the very first time I saw Steph.  It was at Menchie's, this little frozen yogurt place.  I knew she was new to the group, but I was shy and wanted to talk to the other people I already knew in the group.  So I didn't introduce myself.  I don't remember our first meeting.  All I know is that I was drawn to her by her humor and fun spirit.   And pretty much from the beginning, we were almost inseparable.  Wednesday nights were our nights to spend hanging out.  She would come to my place one week, and then the next week I would go to her place.  We'd watch movies, go to Kroger, Sonic or cook for each other.  Now our day has changed to Mondays for "The Bachelor" and because she is joining the church choir which meets on Wednesdays.  Whenever I know that I'm gonna be able to see Steph, I get super excited!  She is hilarious, fun, real, straightforward, dependable, good cook, clean, good dresser, shameless, caring.  She makes living in Nashville fun.  I'm so very much looking forward to getting to know her even better :)


  1. megHan, you are too presh! thanks for those words! i love ya so much and am so glad we're friends. you make me all teary-eyed. ;) can't wait for brad tomorrow!

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