Monday, April 25, 2011

Pet Stores and C-RV's

How lucky am I to have spent Easter weekend here :)...

So I'm watching the news right now as I wait for my mom to get home for our lunch date.  Apparently, Chicago has the highest gas prices in the nation.  Gross.  P.S. that red building in the middle is where my dad works :)

I had a great weekend at home.  Got to spend some QT with Mom and Dad, Meredith, and Mckenzie and David (or Mackvid, as I like to call them).  We all went shopping for our new puppy Callie's supplies at the pet store.  We go pick her up May 6th, less than 2 weeks away!  Mom and Dad stayed on track, picking out a kennel...

...and some, umm, cleaner.

While Meredith and David got distracted...

Mom and Dad also picked out/picked up Mom's new ride...a 2011 Honda C-RV.  You can see video footage of this big moment on my Facebook wall :)

Mom decided to throw the traditional Easter dinner out the door this year.  I will admit, I was a little sad and worried about how the new meal would turn out.  On the menu? 

Wood-planked grilled salmon...

...homemade pesto rolls

...and veggies and wine.

We had a family from my parent's church come over after Easter dinner for some dessert.  They are from China, and their names are Andy and Sarah.  They had a baby a month ago, and they named their first son Scott (after my dad), because my dad is a gentleman.  Here they are with my dad!

You all know how much I dislike cats, and how I will NEVER own one.  Well, my sister Meredith bought a kitten several months ago when she was still living in Indiana.  She has sinced moved back hom for a new job.  She brought her kitten (a girl named Elliott) with her.  This weekend was my first time meeting her.  I was very hesitant, but I tried to go into it with a good attitude.  Turns out she is a sweet heart, and loves to play.

Hope you all's Easter was great :)

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