Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 15: Your favorite Tumblrs

I have absoloutely no idea what Tumblrs is.  I googled it, and I still don't know sooo...I'm not doing this day.  I'm halfway done with this challenge business.  Not sure what I will write about once I'm done.  But here's the official list for the 30 Day Challenge for those who want to do it:

30 Day Blog Challenge

The last couple days my blogs have been posted earlier and earlier in the day.  So when I do my blog for the next day, I'm spending that blog talking about the second half of the previous day.  I don't care, I feel like when I have ideas that I want to talk about I need to just write them down.  Otherwise, there's a good chance that I will forget later. 

Last night I went to SOAK at Oasis (the church I attend) with Jenn and Cassie.  SOAK happens once a month, and it's a few hours of just praise and worship.  No sermon.  The music is contagious, it gets to the core of you.  Even repeating the same couple of lines over and over again really make you think about the words you are singing, and what they mean for you individually.  It's life-changing.  I felt alive when I left.  Having an encounter like that with your Creator will do that to you.  I've heard speakers and pastors say that worship and your relationship with God isn't about emotions or what you feel, it's an action.  And yes, love is an action.  However, over the years, I have come to completely disagree.  I believe that, first of all, worship is between you and God and no one should/can tell you how you should be when you do it.  Second of all, the purpose of worship is not about you, it's about praising and exalting the One who created you.  Third of all, if the worship/praise is genuine and truly from your soul and you are connecting with Him, you most definetely should experience some sort of reaction/emotion/feeling from God -- love, forgiveness, mercy, redemption, joy.  It's hard for me to believe that someone who is truly praising God (which, by the way, we were created and designed to do in the first place), wouldn't feel something through that encounter.  If you don't, then maybe you need to have a heart-to-heart with God and get where He wants you to be.  But again, that's between you and Him.  All that to say, I met God last night.  I did cry.  I felt loved, I felt a renewed sense of hope about my life.  God is in control of everything. 

Last night, Pastor mentioned something that stuck out to me.  He said, "Don't waste a wilderness."  If you are going through a hard, difficult time don't keep it to yourself and wallow about it.  Praise Him for being enough!  Praise Him for being there!  Praise Him for having your situation in His hands!  Know that you aren't going to stay in the wilderness, you're moving through it!  He's refining you, fashioning you into the person He wills you to be!  So when you are in the valley, keep your head up.  Push forward in confidence, knowing that you don't walk alone.  Be encouraged that God will bring you through.  And that way, when you get to the other side, you will be able to help others get through their wilderness.  So don't waste your wilderness...lean on Him and stay steadfast.

I am blessed today :)

It's your turn, Mrs. Westerfield ;)  Andrea Westerfield.  I LOVE that girl!  I've known Andrea since September of 2008.  I started working at the agency I work at now, Mental Health Cooperative.  She was a case manager on my team.  My first impression of Andrea was that she was short like me, and that she was me.  I was able to shadow her while I was in my training period, and I liked the way she worked with her clients.  We both had a Christian foundation, and she always seemed to steer clear of the drama at work (we work with 90% women).  Low and behold, she had a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy who I also fell in love with (I love to babysit Cooper...when are you and Charlie going away for vacation again ;).  Every year for Christmas and our birthdays, we get together, go out to eat, and exchange gifts.  I look forward to it every time!  It's our tradition :)  I know that she is one of those friends that I will be close with for a very, very long time.  She's also somewhat of an inspiration to me...she went and got her MSW while still working, and did it in 12 months AND she did it with class.  She has moved up in the agency, and it's due to her good work ethic, integrity and professionalism.  I'm very proud of her :)  Andrea is classy, professional, loyal, fun, encouraging, funny, gives good advice, a great confidant, and has a servant's heart.  A memory that sticks out to me with Andrea, is when Cooper head-butted her in the face and broke her nose.  She came to work the next day, which happened to be the MHC anniversary party.  We were all trying to make her laugh because it hurt for her to laugh.  I know, it was mean.  Another memory I share with Andrea is this past Christmas.  We went to Carraba's for lunch to exchange gifts.  Afer Andrea had eaten about half her food, she found a short little hair in her food.  About 3 minutes later, I found a long hair in my food.  We informed that manager (who was really cute, member Andrea?!) and he not only comped our meals, but sent us home with 2 new full orders of the same dishes!  Two Carraba's meals for free!  Anyways, I love ya girl, and I'm very thankful for your friendship.  You definetely help keep me sane...and you help me save my words when I click "cut" instead of "copy" :)

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