Tuesday, March 29, 2011

He always comes through :)

I was dreading this week at work.  Coming off such a great weekend with my family, I just was going into today like "Negative Nelly."  I didn't want to leave my family :(  I called one of my client's moms to remind her of her son's therapy appointment tomorrow.  She said that she was coming, and then proceeded to tell me  "God bless you, Mamasita (she's from Equador, and speaks broken English).  I am so glad that you are helping me with my son."  Hello?  That was totally from God.  TOTALLY.  He knew that I needed some encouragement, and  he sent some my way.  I then walked past my supervisor who gave me some uplifting news as well, regarding my caseload.  Again, really?  God is just too faithful :)  It's hard not to get wrapped up in the negative and the worry when you are in the midst of a trial, or hard time.  But once you see a little hint of light, it just seems to melt away everything that's wearing you down.  God calls me back to Himself and reminds me that He is in control.  Everything happens for a reason.  And if I need to take a walk here and there in the scarey, hard times just so I can learn more about Him and fall more in love with Him, I will.

God knows what I like.  He knows what makes me smile.  He knows what my desires are.  He knows how I tick, and He knows what I need.  God shows me he cares about me daily.  He shows me through the love my friends have for me.  He shows me through encouraging words at work from a co-worker when I'm having a rough day.  He shows me through the Word.  My favorite way He shows me that He loves me is through the avenue of sports.  Weird, huh?  Everyone knows I'm a huge sports fanatic.  I could seriously watch Sports Center all day.  God shows me that He loves me by allowing me to overhear a conversation about how UConn beat Arizona the night before, and now they are in the Final Four for the 4th year in a row.  God shows me He loves me when, on my drive to work, a car with a Connecticut tag drives past me.  How can I not smile at that, and know in my soul that there is a God looking out for me?  God shows me that He loves me when I get to attend sporting events with friends or family.  No one else knows me like He does.  No one. 

Aubree is coming to visit this coming weekend :)  I haven't seen her since December I think.  She's coming to hang out with Cassie and I.  Wish Sarah could come, too :/...

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